Defiant MPS

Why use Titanium? 


Titanium has been being used extensively for Aerospace & Military applications since the late 1940's. In fact for many years Titanium was classed as a "Strategic Military Commodity" by both the US and Russian administrations. With Titanium being considered an “aerospace metal” it was used exclusively in this application. As time went on, the remarkable resistance to corrosion properties of the metal were explored in non-aerospace applications, specifically as a tubing product used in heat exchangers for power generation. This application proved to be extremely successful and the “industrial” market was then created. The incredible strength to weight ratio is another one of the unique qualities of Titanium, that was soon utilised in recreational applications such as Golf Clubs, Tennis Rackets, and Bicycles.

As soon as I started messing around with Titanium, it soon became blatantly obvious that this was the ultimate material for Fishing Tackle metalware  – it simple makes all other materials look a rather grim 2nd option.



            Trident "Fantail"             


Shown above and below is one off the latest versions - up-graded with Dual Locking Thumb Screws, and at the request of the customer- fitted with Dreadnoughts instead of TBN Bank Sticks. 

At last after much trial and error a “Pod” design that over-comes the three problems associated with using Pods, as in-

“Can't fish each of the Rods as singles” (Not True) All 6 TBN Type Bank Sticks fitted to the Trident Fantail can be used instantly as individual Bank Sticks, without even having to remove Alarms, Indicator Brackets or Butt grips. As all Trident designs have been able to do for over 17 years now.

“I can't point my Rods directly at my Rigs” (Wrong)  All three Rod positions can rotate 360 degree's individually. Not as if you would ever need too have 360 degree of adjustment, but the Fantail design allows each Rod to be pointed at will directly at your Rigs. If your prepared to “Stack” the Butt Grips (Setting the rear TBN's at different levels to allow the Rods Butt sections not to clash with each other) You can set the outer Rods at 90 degrees to the Centre, a bit extreme way of setting things, but it can be done.

“Its utter chaos when I get a take on the middle Rod, with the Rods being so close together” (How true) A problem that has drove me nuts for years! The Trident Fantail cured this problem once and for all. As you can literally just step over either of the outer Rods, stand in the middle, Play & Net any Fish on the middle Rod with no fuss what so ever.

 The stability of a Fantail is incredible with the 6 TBN's acting as legs, plus the large variable footprint makes it the most stable set up I have ever used.

All Shafts used in the construction of Trident Fantails are Aerospace Grade Titanium.

Both versions are fitted with 81/2” & 11” long Titanium TBN Type Bank Sticks as standard, fitted with Solid Titanium Points or Stainless Steel Augers, or even Dreadnoughts can be fitted.


Fitted with 18” or 20” wide single Rear Cross Shafts, these widths are critical to allow as much “Fantail” effect as viably possible. Which can be positioned any were you wish height wise, be it under the Tie-Bars or over, fitted to Rear or even Alarm end if required. The Tie-Bars can also be fitted at any height position on the TBN's outer Shaft. 

Also the TBN's and Chassis can be Fitted with Dual Locking Thumb Screws, or Flush fitting stainless Grub Screws at request.

Both Multi-Mountings,Over-Fits and Bush Mountings can be fitted to Trident Fantail's. 



If  you wish to have the Rod Tips positioned high in the air, fitting Over-fits to each of the front TBN's will instantly achieve this, and still have full stability thinks to the Fantails design.



The whole unit breaks down to 10 basic parts -  3 off 81/2” TBN's, 3 off 11” TBN's, 3 off Tie-Bars, 1 off Cross Shaft





Two basic versions of the Trident Fantail are made to order-

C Type (Compact version, with 21” Tie-Bars) Price £225.00 + Postage      

R Type (Regular version, with 31” Tie-Bars) Price £245.00 + Postage      




  Trident Panther



The 3rd version of the original Trident design -   The Trident “Panther” Many ask “why are they named after big Cats?” Well they are not, they are actually named after German Panzers (Tanks!)

Which is rather fitting as they have always been “Built like Tanks”

The Trident Panther is no exception, being based on the old popular Trident S Type design, with a single Centre Shaft, but unlike the old  Stainless Steel S Type that weighed in at 3.3kg's, with the Panther being made from mainly Titanium weighs less than half the weight of the old S Type, the one shown above weighs in at just 1.338kg



Fitted with 3 off  81/2” long and 3 off 11" TBN Type Bank Sticks as standard  Also all 6 TBN's can be removed and used as Single Bank Sticks at will, without having to remove Buzzers or Grips.

The Panthers Cross Shafts can be made in various widths options- 12” 14” 16” & 18”at either end.

Can also be fitted with Dual Locking Thumb Screws or Flush fit Grub Screws, or even a mix of both (As shown in the Photos)

Plus, the 6 off  TBN Type Bank Sticks can be fitted with Solid Titanium Points or Stainless Steel Augers at no extra cost.

Just like the old Trident S Type did, can be broken down into 9 parts.

1 x 22” long (closed length) Centre Shaft.

2 x Cross Shafts

3 x 81/2” TBN Type Bank Sticks

3 x 11” TBN Type Bank Sticks

~ But most only remove the Centre Shaft, leaving the Cross Sections built up ready to use to save time. And store inside their Un-Hooking Mat Bag or Folded Bed Chair.



Chassis Length: Closed = 26"   Extended = 45"




Front 81/2" TBN'S extend to 13"long         Back 11" TBN's extend to 171/2"long



Price  £210.00 Complete + Postage




                   Trident Tiger                        





The Trident Tiger is basically a Trident Panther with twin Centre Shafts fitted.

Same widths, specifications, same 81/2” & 11” TBN's fitted, even the same build options.






Price £255.00 + Postage




Solid Titanium Fixed Length Bank Sticks



Two basic examples of many versions made over the years, but these 5" & 7" long Solid Titanium versions seem to be the most popular for use in Platform Mountings, or as short Legs for Pods etc...

 Made out of Solid, Grade 5 Titanium


Weight:     5" = 64 grams          7" =  93 grams



5" version     Price = £10.00 each  + Postage



7" version    Price = £12.00 each  + Postage





3 Rod Panther Rod Pod 

Basically a 2 Rod Panther Chassis converted into a 3 Rod Pod by the addition of 3 Rod Goalpost or Snag bars being fitted. Price depends on type & width of Bars fitted and the consequent width of the Chassis to match.

2 Rod Panther

Basically a  2 Rod version of a Trident Panther