Defiant MPS

  Trident Panther



The 3rd version of the original Trident design, The Trident “Panther” Many ask, “why are they named after big Cats?” Well, they are not, they are actually named after German Panzers, which is rather fitting as they have always been described as “Built like Tanks”

The Trident Panther is made using Titanium Shafts and Stainless-Steel fittings to give the best strength to weight ratio, durability and incredible corrosion resistance.    

Fitted with 3 off 81/2” and 3 off 11" Titanium Bank Sticks as standard, with the option of solid Stainless-Steel Augers or Points fitted, plus the option of Thumb Screw or Grub Screw locking

The Cross Shafts can be made any width up to 20" wide (Centre to Centre of the outer Bank Sticks) 

The Centre Shafts extend to 43" long, allowing the positioning of the Butt Ring on the inside of the Alarm with most Rods, the wider apart the support points for your Rods are (Butt Grips and Alarms) the more stable the Rods will be once fitted, hence false Bleeps from Rods wobbling about in the wind is practically eradicated. 

The Panther brakes down into 9 basic parts:

1 x 22 1/2” long Centre Shaft (closed length) 

2 x Cross Shafts

3 x 81/2” Titanium Bank Sticks

3 x 11” Titanium Bank Sticks

~ But most only remove the Centre Shaft, leaving the Cross Sections built up ready to use to save time, and then store inside their Un-Hooking Mat Bag or Folded Bed Chair, making set up time a matter of a few seconds



Chassis Length: Closed = 26"   Extended = 43"



Price £250.00 Complete + Postage

2 Rod Panthers can be made at request, in many variants and sizes

Price £200.00 Complete + Postage



            Trident Fantail  


Example show is a R Type Fantail fitted with Augers & Thumb Screws, a serious bit of kit

Made in two versions C Type and R Type, both basically the same except the C Type has 21" long Tie Bars the R Type 31" Tie Bars. Both are fitted with 81/2” & 11” long Titanium Bank Sticks as standard, with the option of solid Stainless-Steel Augers or Points fitted, plus Thumb Screw or Grub Screw locking, Cross Shafts can be made from 15" to 18" wide at request.

The massive footprint of a Fantail design combined with six points of contact with the ground, make the whole set up incredibly stable it's pretty much impossible for one to fall over. The R Type Fantail has 31" long. As with all with all Trident versions no Buzz Bars are required, thus there are zero limitations to how it can be set up, plus the in-built advantage of being able to point your Rods directly at your Rigs location as required or can be used as individual Bank Sticks when required.



C Type (Compact version, with 21” Tie-Bars) Price £240.00 + Postage      

R Type (Regular version, with 31” Tie-Bars) Price £250.00 + Postage      







                   Trident Tiger                       




The Trident Tiger is basically a Trident Panther with twin Centre Shafts fitted to provide a "Void" for the middle indicator. Made to same widths, specifications and build options as the Trident Panther, most just remove the Centre Shafts and leave the end sections built up. 




Price £260.00 + Postage