Defiant MPS

Solid Titanium Bivvy Pegs

After being pestered for years to make some – here they are, Solid Titanium Bivvy Pegs.  Not much you can say about Bivvy Pegs, but these are quite different.  Still the standard 8” length, with grip provided with two reverse cut sections, very similar to what Plasti-Plugs, Rawl Plugs have in their design – easy to push in but quite difficult to remove (Exactly what you want from a Bivvy Peg)

Being made totally from solid Titanium they weigh  a mere 58 grams each.

Not cheap obviously, but considering Titanium is on average 80% more expensive than 316 Stainless Steel– the customer is definitely not having the p### taken out of them!

It just seems such a shame to go and ram something of such beauty into the ground!

Cost = £7.00 each  + Postage