Defiant MPS

The  Traditionalist Range

2 Rod Buzz Bars in Solid Oak

You can’t get much different than these, the idea to use Hardwood came by pure chance – I was trying to get the Clutch Drum off a Chainsaw in order to fit a new Oil Pump and Worm Drive. As anyone who has stripped Chain saws will know, the Clutch Drum can be a bit of a swine to remove at times, this one was being. Using an Ally Drift + Lump Hammer to un-do the Clutch as you do it would not shift. Shards’ of Ally were “pinging off” the drift as the Steel Clutch cut into it, by pure chance a bag of Wood Off-Cuts a mate had given me for the Wood Burner was at the side of the bench, sticking out was what looked like Dowel, sod it I’ll try it as a drift.  One “Whack!” and the dammed Clutch un-screwed, to my amazement the damage to this “Dowel” was just a small dent. “What’s this wood that looks like thick Dowel in this bag you have given me?”   Reply “English Oak” 

It soon came apparent that working with Hard Wood makes working with all metals some what “Childs Play!”  As there’s no such thing as exact diameters, and the treatments and processes needed to allow it to be used in an outdoor application to stop expansion, contraction, water absorption etc.... take almost two weeks prior to anything even being assembled!

But once built up the end result of all the prep work is nothing other than stunning, in fact it makes you very reluctant to even use! But I have been using a few samples (Shown below) and they have been faultless.  The Points on the Bank Sticks are bigger diameter than the timber to avoid scratching, but even then – a quick wipe down with Linseed Oil or Beeswax and any marks instantly vanish, the more applications with use and the better they look.  The main thing is thou; every single thing made is 100% unique, as the patterns/grain in the timber are totally unique.

I will ONLY make a limited range, probably in numerous Hard woods , as in a couple of Bank Stick sizes, 2 and 3 Rod  single mount Buzz Bars and  the “Griffin Pod” , which is based on a very early MPS design, as time goes on many more variants will be added - as there's at least 17 other types of Hardwood capable of use in these applications after preparation, that look absolutely amazing.

3 Rod Buzz Bars in Solid Oak 


Fixed Length

Prototypes in use- I could sit behind something with this kind of unique natural quality all day long