Defiant MPS

The Rail Indicator

Decades ago I promised that one day I'd take the Monkey Climber concept - totally re-design it, iron out the many flaws,  hence  "The Rail Indicator" was born. 
It's so radical it's easier to go through each component one at once explaining why it's been built to such high standards with no expense spared.

Mounting Bracket

Based on the standard Defiant MPS Bracket that's not changed in over 20 years, made from thick Marine Stainless Steel, but rather then having a Quick release 
fitting incorporated, the "Rail" fits via Allan Screw/Key (4mm provided with a set) - this guarantee's a totally ridged "Wobble free" mounting (Unlike the Monkey Climber design of old that used to wobble all over the place) The Dome Head Allan Screw also makes sure there's nothing for the line to snag onto in the vicinity of the Alarm. 

TIP: Far better than standard Allan Keys, are the Screwdriver Type that are readily cheaply available as shown above - preferably the Ball End Type 

~ For the many customers already using Defiant MPS Indicators who want to use The Rail Indicator and standard fit MPS Indicators - a simple removable adaptor fits the Rails Bracket, allowing the mounting to fit both.

The Rail

Made from a shaped length of solid grade 5 Titanium, the diameter has been increased by over 300% compared to what was commonly used in Monkey Climbers, there's  now zero flex or wobble, in fact its so strong it cannot be bent or broken. This provides a precision "Track" for the Bobbin to travel on, that will never wear or corrode. 

The Bobbin Head

 Incorporated inside the Bobbin is a precision linear 4 track Bearing race, as you can see in the short video, the Bobbin moves up and down the Rail like it's on Ice! There's zero friction with being Bearing mounted (Unlike the original Monkey Climbers, which were terrible!)  The tolerances are exact, so exact that it's been possible to incorporate rubber "Wipers" to each side of the Bobbin, which literally wipe the Rail clean before the Bobbin travels up/down it. The Bobbin can actually be removed from the Rail by simply removing the Knurled Thumb Nut from the base of the rail (It will do no harm to give the internal Bearing races a blast of WD40 every blue moon) The line clip that's built into the Bobbin is the standard x3 strength Mag Head line clip. There is also a Isotope chamber that takes a 15 x 3mm Isotope, but not in the normal vertical axis - it fits in a Horizontal axis, which is much more visible with the Bobbin being in a angled position.

Available in any of the 20mm Mag Head range colours

In Use:

 I've been using the 3 prototypes I made last November all winter for mainly Pike fishing in all weathers, from howling gales, monsoon conditions, snow storms, heavy frosts etc.............. they have seen it all, and have been absolutely flawless - no false bleeps, no missed runs, an absolute joy to watch a bite developing as the Bobbin twitches up and down the Rail.  
Plus using them at all ranges, with numerous set ups - including Carp Rods, Barbel Rods, Heavy Catfish Rods, Fixed Spool Reels, Centre Pin Reels even under-slung Multipliers, loaded with both Mono and Braid, what ever I used did not make an iota of difference in performance.  Also with the Bobbins direction of movement being fixed any "odd" movement that the Alarm has not picked up, usually from the line settling and absorbing water thus getting heavier.

General Fishing: set Bobbin mid position on the Rail - forward take it travels up the Rail, a drop back it travels down the Rail

Slack-Lining: set Bobbin at the base of the Rail with the line just holding the Bobbin vertical - using Running Lead set up obviously, the Bobbin will travel up the Rail

Snag Fishing: set the Bobbin at the top of the Rail - on a take the line pings out of the clip and the Bobbin hurtles down the Rail

It could not be any simpler to set or use, I've up-loaded a short video to YouTube  that says it all in just a few seconds.


Complete Rail Indicator = 22.50 each plus Postage

Spare Rail Bobbin = 10.00 each plus Postage

 Rail Adaptor Fittings  = 6.00 each plus Postage