Defiant MPS

The Griffin Pod

Shown with Buzz Bars fitted ready for use

                                                                                                Three Chassis Parts                                                            Built up next to a Pop-Up Tub for size comparison

The “Griffin Pod” design was made at the request of many customers who were in need of a Pod System that could be carried  with ease, take up to room, and be very quick to set up when needed. And that was the main criteria “When needed”; most of the time you can get away with Bars or Single Sticks, but in those instances that you can’t (frozen ground, rock hard ground, platforms, concrete banking etc...)It’s there ready to set up and use in literally a few seconds.

The Griffin Pod chassis was based on an old MPS design called “The NS Pod” which back in the day was designed at the request of well known North West angler Neil Smith. The Griffin basically meets the same design criteria but using modern parts and much higher spec materials that what was available back when the NS was made, and made to all fit inside the side pouch of a Bergan.

Only three Parts – 2 x Cross shafts and one length adjustable Centre Shaft, made from a mix of Titanium and Stainless Steel, with built in Self-levelling Feet that also provide eight “Bolting down Points” So if your on Wood Platforms, a couple of small wood Screws fitted in any of the eight positions will lock the Griffin in position. 

Depending on how short the Bank Sticks fitted are, the Griffin Pod can be set at a very low level, with the Chassis only being 21/2” high.

The Chassis was also designed to be able to fit any diameter Bank sticks due to a Clamping system rather than relying on a Thumb Screw to try and lock the up-right/Buzz Bar in place at each end. These Clamps are extremely effective, in fact so effective it is strongly advised only to fit high quality Bank Sticks made from Titanium or Stainless Steel, Ally or Carbon Bank Sticks will be crushed if the Clamps are over tightened.

# A new range of all Titanium Buzz Bars are being developed to complement The Griffin Pod

Showing the eight built in " Bolting Down" points 

Weight : 968 gram

Height: 21/2"

Width:10"or 12" wide Cross Shafts (Centre to Centre widths)

Length: 191/4" closed         30" Extended

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