Defiant MPS

Universal Stabilizer

Just two parts

A new use for a part I first designed for used in the very first Tridents way back in the 90s, it has now been developed into a Stabilizer that will fit any Bank Stick from 12mm diameter right up to 16mnm diameter (At request another version can be made that will cope with Bank Sticks with diameters up to 1 diameter)

This design has many advantages over old type Stabilizers-

~ You dont have to fit into the ground mounted to the Bank Sticks; it can be fitted at will without even having to remove the Bank Stick out of the ground.

~ The 4 long Solid Stainless Steel Spike is rather substantial in design for total reliability.

~ Only two parts makes transportation a breeze. 

~ Made from 316 Stainless Steel for an unlimited life span,  and still only weighing 210 grams

~ If you use various diameter Bank Sticks, you now have a Stabilizer that will fit all.

~ Can be used with Storm Poles which have larger diameter Points fitted.

~ The Clamping type design has 120 times more grip on the Bank Sticks shaft than a Stabilizer relying on a single Thumb Screw, used with quality metal Bank Sticks with shafts made from Titanium, Stainless Steel or Ally this extra grip is brilliant, not so good with fragile Carbon Bank Sticks thou (Bottom Photo!)

Fitted to a 16mm diameter HD Titanium Bank Stick

Example: Only tightened up finger tight and this thick walled 1/2" diameter Carbon Tube crumpled up instantly.

A good comparison is a Toilet Roll Cardboard Inner, strong until  put under a crush pressure Carbon is very similar, in fact I would strongly advise not fitting to fragile Carbon Bank Sticks at all.

Price  = 12.50         Each + Postage