Defiant MPS

Rotary Buzz Bars

Based on a design I've been using on the River Ribble  for many years in pursuit of Barbel, Pike, Chub and Grayling. Made from solid Titanium with an in-built lockable 360 degree Rotation. the examples show are both 6" wide, and weigh just 150 grams each.  Unlike much cheaper materials like Stainless Steel and heaven forbid Aluminium, these will literally last forever.

There are no set sizes as they are hand built to order, the design can also be made in a 3 Rod version (Obviously fixed not Rotary)

As a cost guide - the ones above were custom made to order for 24.50 each   


Multi-Role Landing Net Handle

Closed Position = 29 1/4"

Extended Position = 53 1/4"

Never intentionally designed to ever be a product, it was solely deigned for my own use when Fly Fishing for Trout, Pike, Carp, Roach, Perch etc..... I needed a very strong extendable. lightweight handle that could cope with a 24", 36" or 42" Net fitted.  It obviously had to be very, very good to cope, and with no limitations on the build/materials used - no expense was spared, to keep the weight down ( 280 grams) and the strength up.   

Parallel Duplon Grip 

Solid Titanium Fittings throughout

Shown with a 42" Landing Net Handle fitted while fully extended

Cost   75.00  + Postage