Defiant MPS

River Pod Kit

Three Part Kit

Since I stopped making the original Stainless Steel “River pod” all those years ago, I still keep being asked on an almost weekly basis “Can you make a Titanium River Pod?”  Which in theory would be brilliant- but for one problem, the sheer amount of expensive Titanium required would make it totally un-viable.  But after many months of head scratching, prototypes being built up then took back to bits, a simple effective design was finally developed. 

Just three parts 

48” long Titanium Main Shaft   (230 grams)

Double Ball Jointed Main Boss   (215 grams)

Solid Titanium Stub Shaft    (10 grams)




It’s really simple to set up- the Main Shaft screws into the Boss and in doing so also becomes the locking point for the 360 degree rotating Ball Joint Shaft.  Both Ball Joints have standard 3/8” BSF Solid Brass Threads to fit any Storm Poles you like (as the cheap 36” Ally ones shown fitted) With the Storm Poles being fitted to Ball Joints they are able to be locked out in any position in Ball Joint's built in sphere of movement.

Now clever bit, thanks to the Stub Shaft you can now fit any 2 or 3 Rod Buzz Bars you wish. All you do it fit the Stub Shaft on to the 3/8”BSF thread on your Buzz Bars and tighten, then drop the Stub Shaft into the Main Boss and Lock in place via the Locking Screw.  The Stub Shaft has the ability to allow 360 of Rotation of the Buzz Bar, making alignment to your fishing position very easy to achieve.

The Fold up design also allows for quick and easy swim moves, as there’s nothing to detach -it just slides into a side pouch on a Quiver with ease.


This Kit gives you the option to fit Storm Poles and Buzz Bars of your own choice, but if you want to fit Titanium MPS ones the option is already there.



 Per Kit =      £75.00 + Postage


  Base Mounting/Pod Convertor

Two Part Base Mounting

Base Mounting fitted to Main River Pod's Shaft.

Mounting = 215 gram

Up-Right Shaft = 78 gram

Designed for my own personal use, so that with just a few parts stored in the side pouch of my Bergan, I could easily form a Rod support System for any situation encountered- be it on a Stillwater, Canal or River bank.

 It could not get any simpler, as you simply add the transposed Mounting onto the main River Pod's Shaft, add a couple of Bank Sticks, lock in place, add the Titanium shafted Up-right + a Buzz Bar, and you have a “Pod”

Just need to position the 4 x Legs so they counter-lock (Back set facing backwards and front set faces forwards) obviously the longer the Bank Sticks that are fitted - the more stable it becomes, the ones fitted to mine (shown) are 9” fixed length versions.

When fitted to a River Pod in "High Mode" it gives the option of fitting a lower Buzz Bar with butt grips fitted for extra Rod safety,  you can go further- as you can add by 2 x Bank Sticks to form a Stabilizer for the Main Shaft.


Shown in use as a full Pod System

Per two Part Kit = £30.00  + Postage