Defiant MPS

Buzzer Quick Release Fittings


Now the same diameter as the fittings used in TBN’s, Dreadnoughts and L2 Type Bank Sticks, available in two options Solid Titanium or Solid stainless Steel, both options now fitted with Solid Brass Inner Stems.


Also the options of Thumb Screw Locking OR flush fitting Grub Screw Locking






Very simple to fit and use-


       1.       Screw the Solid Brass Inner Stem into whatever you are using with the outer barrel fitted and locked, and tighten in place via using the T/Screw or Allan Key to help “Nip-Up” 


2.       Fit the outer Barrel Fitting to your Alarms with the Indicator Bracket in-between, again using the Thumb Screw or Allan Key to help “Nip-Up”


3.       Remove/fit your alarm at will, and align as you wish in 



Solid Titanium version = £10.00 each + Postage


Solid Stainless version = £7.50 each + Postage


Solid Brass Inner Stems = £2.50 each + postage