Defiant MPS

Defiant Pike Drop-Off Indicator 

Come winter every year I start getting asked to make a simple, reliable Pike Drop-Off Indicator, I have made odd sets and parts to allow other indicators to convert to this role.  But now there is a purpose one made for the job.

The design breaks down into three parts for ease of use/storage


1.       Stainless Bracket & Quick Release Fitting that fits under the Rear Butt rest -be it on single Bank Sticks, Buzz Bars or Pod.
2.       The Solid Stainless Drop-Rod that fits into the Quick Release fitting and connects via a threaded stud to the main swinging Arm, itís knurled to allow easy fitment even in the worst weather conditions.
3.       The Main Swinging Arm is made of Solid Titanium in order to be strong and light weight, with a precision Joint at one end and 2BA thread at the other for the Multi-Head to fit. Itís plenty long enough to allow fitment under any Reel.


The Heads are converted 32x20mm HS Mag Heads, converted back to the old Multi-Head design, but with just a single internal Line Clip adjustment Screw fitted to allow micro adjust  of the tension of the line Clip. The line Clips Stainless Steel Sphere is of a large diameter to prevent Braid getting trapped. Nothing protrudes at all for your line to snagged up on, adjustment is via Allan Key as Multi-Heads were.

 Any colour in the 32x20mm HS Mag Head range can be fitted, also Isotopes can be as well.

Price Complete Unit  = £18.50 + Postage