Defiant MPS

Leopard II System

A full Leopard II, thanks to a lot of expensive metal - still weighs less than 1.5kg 

The Leopard II was designed specifically to provide a practical, lightweight but strong, system that would replace the need for various set ups for different situations. But also allow you the customer the options of buying just what you need as you need it/can afford it. There was no holding back with the design – most of the Leopard II System is made from Military Grade Titanium. The design has a bit of Trident, Leopard 1, Wraith Pod, and Hobbit System in it – I literally cherry picked all the best attributes of all the other Defiant MPS designs over the years going way back to the mid 1990’s, and stuck them into one design which literally makes a mass of product ranges obsolete in one swipe.

The design allowed me to be “Un-leashed” to use what I want, where I wanted – none of the Leopard II components are compatible with anything else in the Defiant MPS range or anybody else’s gear for that matter – it’s quite unique.

Paragraph by paragraph below are listed the component parts that can be purchased separately for your own specific needs.


"L 2" Bank Sticks

Specifically designed for the Leopard II System, up-graded for 2020 with the larger solid titanium fittings fitted as TBN & CBN Type Bank Sticks have fitted, still the same titanium outer shafts and Carbon Inners shafts.

Made  in two lengths only as standard, if longer  lengths are required for when being used as single Bank Sticks, this can be achieved in much more cost effective way by the fitment of Over-Fit Extensions.


6” that extend to 81/2” long       weight = 69 grams

81/2” that extend to 13” long     weight = 80 grams


The ones shown have flush Grub Screw Locking – which is far superior to Thumb Screws in my honest opinion, using an Allen Key “Once” in most cases per session is no issue at all, I always have 2 x 3mm Keys in my Tackle Box, still never lost one in 18 years (Which people seem to worry about doing, well how many times do you lose your baiting Needle?)  


6” Long = Price £20.00 Each + Postage

81/2” Long = Price £22.50 each + Postage


Cross Shafts


Cross Shaft with 3 x "L2" Bank Sticks inserted and Spikes fitted

Made with Titanium Shafts and Stainless Steel fittings and Spikes in 12”, 14” and 16” widths as standard, these Cross Shafts basically replace the need for Buzz, Snag and Goalpost Bars, with the added advantage of being able to be used in a 1, 2 or 3 Rod format instantly. There’s no need for Stabilizers to be fitted – the Goalpost design cannot twist, with the bonus of being able to be converted into a Pod at will in just a few seconds by adding of an Connecting Shaft.

Can be fitted with flush fitting Grub Screw or Thumb Screw locking

Option of  3 Rod or 2 Rod versions 


Instant Bank Stick removable and Alarm alignment  


Can be used as a Goalpost set up 

Removable Spikes

Weight = 374grams (14" wide example)

Price per Cross Shaft Inc. Spikes = £35.00 + Postage



Pod Conversion Shaft

Made from Titanium with Stainless Steel fittings, it literally takes 10 seconds to fit instantly converting 2 x Leopard II Cross shafts into a pod assembly. Fitment is via two large Thumb Screws that mount the shaft in exactly the same middle fitting as the River Mounting also uses. The Thumb Screws can also be stored in the fittings when not in use.

Shown fitted to two complete Leopard II Cross Shafts to form a Pod

Length “Centre to Centre” = 271/2"

Weight = 192 gram


Price = £35.00 each + Postage

Over-Fit Extensions

Made in two standard versions- when added, these instantly add extra length to either Cross Shaft Spikes or L2 Bank Sticks when being used as single Bank Sticks

10” long as standard made from Titanium with stainless fittings, can be fitted with Grub Screw or Thumb Screw Locking.


Weight = 79 grams (Spike Version)

"Spike" versions Shown fitted to a Cross Shaft


Price  =  £12.50 each + Postage

Bush Mountings

Available in two sizes, in pairs - by fitting a pair of the "Spike" size to the base of a Leopard II when being used as a Pod (via 2 x Philips Screws) they “Anchor” the whole unit in place

The L2 size fit to the base of the Bank Sticks for when using single on Platforms, these are such a precise fitment - thumb screws are not needed 

Price £5.50 per pair either size + Postage

Spare Spikes

Price Per pair   £5.00 + Postage

Single Spike Conversion

6" long as standard made from solid Stainless Steel, utilising the same middle fitting as the Pod Conversion Shaft 

Weight = 130 grams

Shown fitted 

Price = £10.50 each + Postage