Defiant MPS

"Wraith Pod" Resurection

A radical new design based on the old Wraith Pod I made many years ago is coming close to finished; Made totally from Titanium & Carbon, with a full wide footprint/low centre of gravity design for maximum stability, over 3ft long so your able to position Rods properly, amazingly weighing in at just 750 grams complete.

Black Panther

Exactly 12 months over-due thanks the knock-on effects of  Covid developing a work load beyond the realms normallity, finally a few have been built - and even then the photo's have had to be taken in the Snow!

River Pod

As requested by many - an exact replica of the Carbon/Titanium River Pod I made for my own use a couple of years back,  it's so light weight and compact it goes everywhere with me regardless even when stillwater fishing