Defiant MPS

Indicators and Heads

Find below a comprehensive range of Indicator & Mag Head options to suit everyone's needs - be it Carp, Catfish, Pike, Bream or Tench, all are fully interchangeable with each other, all are made from the very best materials possible, no gimmicky crap, all are hand built here in Lancashire and sold at sensible prices. Well proven designs as well, take the Banshee Hanger they have been being made since first being designed "on the bank" on Dingle Lodge over 25 years ago.

~ There is one Indicator that's so special it's actually not included in this range "The Rail Indicator" Being so unique and so effective in all situations it's got its own page dedicated to it.

 This Indicator range below can be fitted with any of the Mag Head sizes, in many colour options - which is totally up to you.

But before deciding on what Indicator would be best for ones needs - remember there's ONLY two reasons for actually using Indicators.

1. You don't use Alarms so need a visible reference to indicate forward or backward motion of your line.

2. You do use Alarms: all Alarms work via the transfer of the movement of your line via friction against the Roller/Sensor, well designed Indicators force as much line as possible to make contact with the Alarms Roller/Sensor, this is critical in damp or frosty conditions to try and prevent none functioning Alarms (The line is slipping due to lack of friction due to the water or Ice) 

M.R. Twitcher

The first true "Multi-Role" Indicator, with in-built capability's to be set in various variable modes to cover any possible situation, Stainless Steel Flexi Arm with an internal Solid Titanium inner shaft. 

For years I told customers that it was impossible to build an Indicator that was capable of all three tasks asked of it - 

1. Be able to be set totally weightless for Slacklining

2. Be able to be used in all general fishing situations and have a in-built ability to adjust to meet situation requirements

3. Have the capability to be used in a strong tension mode for range fishing and snag fishing

Well, I was wrong, as soon as I came up with the MR Twitcher design, I knew instantly it was that true Multi-Role Indicator that has eluded me for over 20 years! But it's only thanks to the use of solid Titanium in the design that made it possible - in tests, Stainless was too heavy and bent to easy, Carbon Snapped like twigs in low diameters, never even tried Ally as I know it would Rot inside the chamber.
Using a MR Twitcher could not be any simpler: fit into the Q/R fitting spin around to line up (There's 360 degrees of rotation in both axis for instant alignment built in)


If your Slacklining or want to use weightless just let the Arm drop to its lower arc of movement position, that's it  

If your just general fishing as such just set the arm in a horizontal position so you have equal movement forward or drop back, to add weight just extend the inner solid Titanium shaft outwards making the Twitcher longer = making it heavier in the process, stupidly simple

If you're fishing at range or Snag fishing set the inner Solid Titanium shaft in the fully extended position then grab the Mag Head and bend the arm up towards the Rod, this instantly brings the inbuilt heavy duty Stainless Spring into play, that's been built into the Twitcher's arm, forming a very effective "Springer" type indicator, guaranteeing as much movement of the line is transferred via friction as possible. 

When set in this mode- the now flexible Spring-loaded Titanium arm now has a full 18" arc of movement from set at a 12 o'clock position to the lower 6 o'clock position, that's a massive amount of movement.

Just one example of many of what Customers think-

I have had great use out of my MR Twitcher’s the past year, used them for every type of fishing I've done, and they really are multi role! Perfect for every scenario possible. I've found they even rock side to side if a pike has picked up my bait. Really, really good indication that I've never experienced with any other indicators. It's even better than a float sometimes. You can watch a bait get picked up then the Twitcher will rock side to side showing the pike or zander has the bait in its mouth. Brilliant for indicating dropbacks and baits being picked up for bream and Tench too. Extremely happy with these indicators so thank you very much for that! Don't think I will ever use another type of indicator. J Croft

M.R. Twitcher Complete = £20.00 + Postage

M.R. Twitcher Arm Only = £10.00 + Postage

The Scorpion Indicator

The final Scorpion version built with a 6" flexible Stainless Steel hollow chord that's un-breakable, totally windproof with the capability of being used as a "Springer" with the internal Carbon Rod added (Included FOC) excellent for range and snag fishing, also capable of being used as Hanger without tension Rods fitted, can be fitted with any size/colour in the Mag Head range.

Scorpion Inner Carbon Rod fitment

Scorpion Indicator Complete = £16.50 + Postage

Scorpion Flexi Chord Only = £6.00 + Postage

The Merlin Hanger

 Utilising a woven Marine Stainless Steel Flexible Chord which when set properly in a "U" shape (as shown) becomes windproof, renowned for eliminating annoying false bleeps regardless of how dire the weather conditions are, being very similar in operation to the Banshee Hanger, also only adding a very slight bit of tension onto the line as the Banshee also does.
  Made a standard 51/4" long (Raw Flexi Chord) but can be made shorter at request, and can even be made with a 2BA threaded fitting at each end if requested, can be fitted with any size/colour in the Mag Head range.

Merlin Chord up close

Merlin Hanger Complete = £16.50 + Postage

Merlin Chord Only = £6.00 + Postage

The Banshee Hanger

Designed way back in 2003 and has design never changed, utilising a woven Marine Stainless-Steel chord which when set properly in a "U" shape (as shown) becomes windproof, renowned for eliminating annoying false bleeps regardless of how dire the weather conditions are. Made in two basic lengths 6" and 9" and can even be made with a 2BA threaded fitting at each end if requested, can be fitted with any size/colour in the Mag Head range.

Banshee Hanger Complete = £16.50 + Postage

Banshee Chord Only = £6.00 + Postage

The Hawk Hanger 

I've been making Hawk Hangers for a long time -since being asked to make a reliable chain type Hanger that won't snap or corrode, in over 20 years now I've never heard or know of a Hawk Hanger failing in use. And no wonder - the Chain links are made of a welded Marine Stainless-Steel construction. Can be made from 1" to 8" long at request (Raw Chain Length) and can even be made with a 2BA threaded fitting at each end if requested, can be fitted with any size/colour in the Mag Head range.

Hawk Hanger Complete = £16.50 + Postage

Hawk Chain Only = £6.00 + Postage

Mag Heads (Twin Line Clip)

38 x 1/2" Approx. 6 grams       38 x 15 Approx. 8 grams        38 x 20 Approx. 12 grams

 38mm long, made in three standardised sizes to meet all requirements, and in three colour ranges, fitted with twin line clip mechanisms, totally self-lubricating to prevent corrosion or freeze up in winter.  All utilise the same British Standard 2BA Thread in the base, all have a central Isotope Chamber that take 15 x 3mm size Isotopes 

38 x 1/2" Range of Colours

Top Row: Ruby Red, Fluro Pink, Blue, Emerald Green & Purple

Bottom Row: Black, Fluro Orange, White, Fluro Green, Amber and Fluro Yellow 

38 x 15 Range of Colours

Blue, Crystal, Fluro Yellow, Green, Red, White & Black

38 x 20 Range of Colours

Top Row: Fluro Green, Fluro Pink, Amber, Emerald Green & White

Bottom Row: Crystal, Purple, Blue, Black, Fluro Orange, Ruby Red & Fluro Yellow


38 x 1/2" = £6.50 each

38 x 15mm = £7.00 each

38 x 20mm = £7.50 each

MK1 Mag Heads (Single Line Clip)

32 x15mm Blue & Yellow examples shown

As asked by many - I've started making the 32mm long MKI Mag Heads again, fitted with a single Line Clip and made in 1/2", 15mm or 20mm diameters in any of the many colour options in each size


 £7.00 each in any diameter