Defiant MPS

Defiant MPS Indicator Range

You will find below a large range of purpose made Indicators, made from the best materials possible and more importantly made to last - and last a long time going off the age of many sets in use today.

All utillise exactly the same Quick Release fitting and Bracket, that was designed for instant fitment/removal and more importantly 360 degrees of rotation to allow instant Indicator alignment, via the Stem fitting thats standard in every Indicator  in the range.

All can be fitted with any Mag Heads as they all have the same 2BA thread at the head end, but certain sizes are better suited to certain Indicators

All if fitted with 32mm long Mag heads can be fitted with 15 x 3mm Isotopes

The Merlin Indicator

The design of the Merlin came about totally by chance while messing around designing various options for a Drop-Off Indicator for Pike Anglers, turned out to be probably the best Indicator I’ve ever used!   The action of it can only be described as “Fluid” with the Stainless Chord being hollow and extremely flexible – but in a fully controlled manner.

The Merlin only adds a very slight bit of tension on the line, in doing so misses nothing in the form of movement, it’s almost totally self-setting (You just need to spin the Quick Release Stem fitting once fitted so the line slot in the Mag Heads lines up were you want it, couple of seconds – and that’s it)

It’s also been observed that it seems to be 100% windproof, as during testing in some horrendous storms not one single false bleep was heard.

Can be fitted with any Mag Head from the huge range, but I’ve found the 32mm x ½” size to be the ideal size for the Merlin.


 Complete Unit = £16.50 each + Postage


Merlin Stainless Flexi Chord Only = £6.00 each + Postage

The Banshee 

The Banshee was the 2nd Indicator I designed (The Scorpion being the first) way back in 2003. 

The woven 1.5mm 316 Stainless Chord has proved to be faultless with a breaking strain of over 80kg, and once set into a “U” shape it becomes windproof – you don’t get the annoying “Bleeps” as you do with Chain style Indicators as they swing about in a totally uncontrolled fashion with just a slight breeze.

Made in two standard versions with 6” or 9” long Chords, and fitted with any version of the Mag Head range.

 Complete Unit =  £16.50 + Postage  

Banshee Chords Only 

The Banshee Chords are also available separately in both 6” and 9” lengths. Can be fitted with the standard 2BA threaded Barrel fitting at one and MPS Quick release Stem fitting the other, OR with 2BA threaded Barrel fittings at each end. 


Chord Only = £6.00 each + Postage

The Scorpion Hanger

The Scorpion was the very first Indicator I ever designed way back in the late 90's, as I need a Indicator I could add Tension too when required when fishing at 80 yards range tight to a Jetty made out of RSJ girders, it worked a treat.
 Indicators that utilise a spring type tension are much superior to those that rely on adding weights. Reason being added weight is a none variable weight, with a Tensioned Indicator like a Scorpion as  you get a take the tension force increases as the arm moves towards the Alarm, with drop backs the opposite happens with the tension taking up any slack line instantly.

Scorpion's are also "wind-proof" with not being prone to blow about like Chains and cheap Indicators do that incorporate String Chords. The flexible Stainless Steel Chord is fitted with a 0.7mm solid Carbon Fibre Rod as standard, but if the Scorpion has been fitted with a 32x20mm HS Mag Head (Which has the strongest Line Clip mechanism possible to have (Any stronger and the line would risk being seriously damaged when inserting it into the Clip) Logic dictates that you then have the most powerful Long Range Indicator possible to make, how powerful all depends on the strength of the Tension Rods fitted, over the past 20+years customers have used all sorts to make tension Rods out of-

Solid Carbon Rods

Welding Rods

Piano Wire

Spring Steel Wire

Quiver Tip Blanks

Etc... There are just so many options available, and most cost just a few pence to make. Hence there’s no point in me trying to provide a range of tension Rods when it’s cheaper and more self satisfying to do so yourself.


Solid Carbon Tension Rod that fits into the Scorpion's hollow Stainless Steel Flexible Arm

Scorpions can be fitted with any size/type Mag Heads, but the ideal size in order to cope with the tension are 32x15mm or 32x20mm HS Mag Heads

 Complete Unit = £17.50 each + Postage


Scorpion Chord Only = £7.50 each + Postage

The Hawk Hanger 


The Hawk Hanger is a Chain style Indicator with options of 2”, 4”, 6” or 8” long Chains fitted as standard 

The Stainless Steel Chain used is welded link construction – impossible for one of these to snap or for a link open up, as cheap Chain is prone to doing

Can be fitted with any version of the Mag Head range.

   Complete Unit = £16.50 + Postage



Hawk Chains Only 

The Hawk Chains are also available separately in 2”, 4”, 6” & 8” lengths as standard, can be fitted with the standard 2BA threaded Barrel fitting at one and MPS Quick release Stem fitting the other, OR with 2BA threaded Barrel fittings at each end. 

Chain Only = £6.00 each + Postage

"Old School" Ball Chain Hangers

I’ve made loads of sets of these at customers request over the years, in fact I think the first ever Indicator I used was Ball Chains! The one shown shows the Chromium /Brass Chain coiled up to a degree, that’s because that’s a 12” long chain that’s been fitted.  

They are definitely not in the same league as say a Banshee or Scorpion, as in a bit of wind they swing all over the place, but there’s just something about having a set of “Ball Chains” under the rods (Weather permitting)  Ideally fitted with 32x10mm or 32mm x ½” Mag Heads.


Complete Indicator (Any Length) = £16.50 each + Postage

Chain Only (Any Length) = £6.00 each + Postage 

The Sterling Hanger

As the name suggests – this very supple smooth Chain is made from Solid Sterling Silver, it was with great regret I had to stop making these a few years ago when the cost of Silver went through the roof!  Obviously material cost is still a limiting fact - hence it’s only viable to make them with 5” Chains (Raw Chain length)

The ideally size of Mag Head to fit is either the 32x10mm or 32mm x ½” sizes.


Complete Sterling Hanger = £18.50 each + Postage

Sterling Silver Chain only = £8.50 each + Postage


Universal Fit Bob-Weights

These Slide on Bob weights are now in two sizes 24 gram & 10 gram in solid Stainless Steel, designed to be a universal fit onto all Flexible Arm type MPS Indicators and Twitchers.


24 gram & 10 gram weight versions


Price £1.75 each + Postage

The Warlock Range 


                The "Rotary" Warlock               A well used example in use (my own)

This range of Warlocks  has taken many years of testing & messing around to develop, to provide a range to suit anyone’s requirements. All four versions were designed from scratch to utilise the new unique way of adding-subtracting weight.  Fully self aligning, via the 360degree Quick Release Stem fitting - normally a real pain to achieve with Arm Indicators. The twin precision made Pivoting Joints, allowing for a smooth precise movement in either direction,  adding weight is via fitment of 2 gram Shims directly were they have the most effect – in exactly the same axis as the Mag Heads pivot point, in this position only slight amounts of added weight are required to have a very noticeable effect.  Warlocks can be fitted with any of the Mag Head range, but the 32mm x 1/2" seems to be the ideal size to fit.

 You also have the option of Solid Titanium or Solid Carbon Shafts fitted 

The Straight Arm Warlock versions are made as standard in three sizes 

(Distance between pivot points)

 4" Short           7" Medium          11" Long

The “Rotary” version is a bit special, it’s taken the concept of the original Rotary’s design and enhanced it. The Shaped Solid Titanium Shaft is designed to force the line to make more contact with the Alarms Roller or Sensor. All modern Bite Alarms rely on one thing to work- the  transfer of the movement of the line via “Friction” be it to move a revolving Roller, or to rub against a Sensor.

All’s fine when dry and you have maximum possible transfer of movement via the friction between the Line and the Roller/Sensor.  But add rain, frost or ice into the equation and that’s when the old “Sat behind your Rods, one Rod suddenly hoops around, Indicator whacks against the Rod, Clutch starts screaming- and not a single Bleep out of the alarm happens!”

The Rotary’s unique design was developed after masses of experimentation to force the line into the Alarm’s Roller/Sensor, to maximise as much transfer of movement via friction as possible in all weather conditions.

A full set of 2 gram Shim weight are included with each Warlock

Complete Warlock Indicator

Any version = £20.00 each + Postage




Warlock Arm only

Any version = £12.00 each + Postage

The "Twitcher"

The “Twitcher” is nothing like any other indicator, as it’s designed to have a pre -set limited arc of movement, with really only two ways to set it-

Horizontal for most normal fishing situations OR allowed to drop and settle to its lowest point to become weightless to “Slackline”

Fitted with a 32x15mm HS Mag Head as standard, they can be fitted with the Universal Bob Weights for when a bit extra weight is needed. 

Complete Unit = £16.50 each + Postage

Twitcher Arm Only = £7.50 each + Postage