Defiant MPS




The Mag Head Range


32x10mm MKI Mag heads were the very first “Bobbins” with a built in Internal Line Clip mechanism way back in 2004; it now seems most of the fishing tackle industry has copied the idea!  

Which sadly can only be expected, as true innovation is very rare when it come to fishing tackle


17x10mm Mag Heads


Available in F/Green, Crystal, Red, White, Blue, Yellow & Black


I think the 1p shows just how small these are, for light weight Indication these are ideal

Also for just an extra 50p, 17x10mm Mag Heads can be fitted with a Stainless Steel 2BA Stud in the base, so they can be used as Line clips for Bobbins. 


(Weight Approx. 1.5 Gram)


Price £5.00 Each






32x10mm Mag Heads


Available in Blue, Crystal, White, Red, Yellow, F/Green & Black.


(Weight Approx. 3 Gram)


Price  £6.50 Each






32mm x 1/2" Mag Heads


Available in (from left to right) Yellow, Black, F/Green, Pink, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Iron Brew, White, Orange, Purple & Blue


(Weight - Approx. 5 Gram)


Price £6.50 Each






MKII Style Mag Heads

32 x 10mm & 32mm x 1/2" MKI Mag Heads can be made with Twin Line Clips built into them for just a little extra cost, just as  "Tall Boys" and MKII Mag Heads have fitted as standard. This then allows them to be used “weightless” for Slack lining, but in a totally safe way – as the Line is not gripped in anyway. 

By placing the line through the Twin Line Clips in a “Shaped configuration, this allows what ever Indicator the Mag Head is fitted on to to be set weightless (Tight line at the Reel Side and Slack line at the Alarms side) 



HS Mag Heads

Designed as a replacement for the old Multi-Heads, now working on a similar principle as Mag heads but with a much stronger Line Clip Mechanism fitted- the 32x20mm versions are 75% stronger when compared to a 32x10mm Mag Head

 Fully self adjusting and able to cope with Mono or Braid with ease, with a built in cleaning/lubrication chamber to guarantee a faultless service over many years.

Made to fit 15x3mm MPS Isotopes

New 2020 range of 32x15mm HS Mag heads 

# The 32x15mm are available in 7 colour options Black, Red, Green, Blue, Crystal, White and Yellow

# The 32x20mm range are now available in 15 colour options - Ruby Red, Purple, Blue, Solid Blue, Red, Orange, F/Green, Emerald Green, Yellow, Black, White, Iron Brew and Crystal


32x15mm version   Price £6.50 each + Postage

(Weight Approx. 8 Gram)


32x20mm version   Price £8.00 each + Postage

(Weight Approx. 14 Gram)


~ 45mm long versions can be made at request




MKII Mag  Heads




As requested by many customers the MKII Mag Heads are back, after being up-graded for 2016 – with larger diameter Crystal Inner Bodies, enhancing the Isotope positioning even more.

When 15mm long MPS White Isotopes are fitted, they literally light up the Head section “Like a Light Bulb” regardless of what colour Shroud is fitted – even with Black Shrouds fitted.  Fitted with a twin Line Clip mechanisms allowing the ability to set “weightless” for Slack Lining, by simply placing the line through the twin Clips in a “S” shape configuration. When set this way, the Indicator will hold position even thou the line is not being not gripped in anyway





11 Shroud Colour Options

 Purple, Iron Brew, Fluro Green, Emerald Green, Fluro Orange, Blue, Black, Ruby Red, Fluro Pink, Fluro Yellow and White

(Weight  Approx. 5 Gram)


Complete MKII Mag Head (Body & Shroud)      Price - £8.00 each


MKII Mag Head Spare Shrouds      Price - £1.50 each










The "Tall Boys"



1/2" diameter Purple "Tall Boy"


This extra long Mag Head soon got the nickname “Tall Boys” with measuring 70mm long.  Fitted with  twin Line Clip mechanisms so they can be set weightless, and made in two diameter options 10mm & 1/2"(12.7mm) also in the same colour options as are the 32x10 & 32x1/2" MKI Mag Heads are made

The Body is of a one piece design with a central Isotope Chamber located in the base. Made to fit 15x3mm MPS Isotopes Isotopes as standard

 Also standard British 2BA Thread for fitment


(Weight Approx. 7.5 Gram)


Price:  £8.00 each + Postage









Basic Bobbins


A huge number of  versions of basic Bobbins have been made by MPS over the years, here's just a  few "basic" examples  shown below

Bobbins can be made to fit any length of standard Isotopes, plus in a large range of colours, lengths and diameters


With in reason - all for just £3.00 each + Postage


30 x 10mm Weight Approx. 3gram


30mm x 1/2"  Weight Approx. 5gram


30 x 15mm  Weight Approx. 6 gram


30 x 20mm  Weight Approx. 12 gram