Defiant MPS


The TBN’s were originally designed for fitment into Trident Fantails, Panthers, Tigers and Hobbit systems, these new “Dreadnoughts” have been specifically designed for those who like to use single Bank Sticks, with the built in ability to be screwed into the ground as if they was a large Bolt via the fitment of a standard 19mm Socket/wrench or Box Key 

Hence the name “Dreadnoughts”, as they do look remarkably like the huge Bolts they used to use on Dreadnoughts to fit extra Armour Plating.

Fitting one by hand into a solid Tarmac Road was a rather stupid thing to do, as it could have quite easily sheared the end off when reversing it out of the Tarmac. But it does show- if you can’t fit one in the deck with gentle downward pressure while turning Clockwise at the same time; no Bank Stick is going into that patch of ground, full stop!  (Do the sensible things - try somewhere else, or even better - use a Chassis/Pod)

A Dreadnought “Screwed” into a Tarmac Road by hand, via using just a bog standard Socket Wrench.

316 Stainless Steel fittings combined with  Spring Loaded Solid Titanium Thumb Screws 

Purpose made Archimedean Style Hardened Stainless Steel Augers

Up to 9" long                Price = £20.00 each + Postage


Between 9" and 12" long       Price = £22.50 each + Postage