Defiant MPS


Dreadnoughts were specifically designed for use in hard ground, hence the name – as they do look like a huge Bolt once used to hold  extra Armour plating on the side of ships.

Rather than using sheer brute force to insert them into hard ground - by simply adding a 19mm Socket+ Wrench onto the Hexagonal fitting, and applying a little downward force, you can literally “Screw” them into the ground with very little effort.

The Photo shows an extreme test – screwing one off them into a Tarmac Road (not a sensible thing to do) but it does show just how effective the design is. 

Heavier than TBN’s with being made from a mix of Titanium and Stainless Steel, and now fitted with the Dual Locking Thumb Screws as standard.


Up to 9” Long = £20.00 each + Postage 

9” – 12” Long = £22.50 each + Postage