Defiant MPS

Digging Stick




Shown- “Screwed” into an old Tarmac road by hand, using nothing other than a bit of light downwards pressure while turning in a clock wise direction at the same time.


Based on the original Digging stick, this up-to-date 121/2” long version is made from Titanium & Stainless Steel. Fitted with a “Proper” hardened Stainless Auger, if you can’t screw one of these into the ground, forget trying to fit Bank Sticks – if this won’t go in, nothing is by hand.


For ease of transportation the 6” Stainless Steel “Tommy Bar” can be removed via undoing the Hex Thumb Screw. To store the Tommy bar and prevent getting lost, just remove the Thumb Screw fully and drop into the inside of the centre of the Titanium main shaft, to remove just tip upside down with the Thumb Screw removed, that simple.




Price £16.00 each + Postage