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Defiant MPS News.

As Requested a bit to help keep customers informed of developments within Defiant MPS, such as up grades for MPS Product.

New Indicator

A rather special Hanger is almost finished and due for release, I know from the demand last time- the new  “Sterling Hangers”  will make a lot of people happy again, as I hated having to stop making the earlier version due to material costs  “Sterling Silver!”  Well it’s back.

New Metal Ware Range

In any spare time I have had this year, it was spent working on a very special range of all Titanium metal ware, with the target of making a range lighter and stronger than anything ever made before out of any material – I succeeded with flying colours!  To give you an idea of what’s to come- an 11” all Titanium prototype Bank Stick I’ve been using for months is twice as strong as any other I’ve seen/used due to the material Specifications used, but still weighs less than 80grams! These really are the top of the tree stuff.