Defiant MPS

Defiant MPS News.

As Requested a bit to help keep customers informed of developments within Defiant MPS, such as up grades for MPS Product.

New Section

~ Over the Xmas break I will be compiling a “Question and Answer” section of what I get regularly asked , this will explain the solid set in stone facts of why I do use specific materials/build methods. Plus will help to explain some of the requests I get to make certain items – that can’t be made for various real reasons. 

Banshee MKII

 Due for release in the new year – a design I have always said could not be improved- actually has been dramatically improved!

Totally New Bank Stick and Buzz Bar Range

These are guaranteed to cause one hell of a fuss, nothing like them as ever been made before.

Pike Drop –off Indicator

Every winter I get asked to make a very high quality Pike drop-Off Indicator – well I have gone and made a solid Titanium one, due for release soon after a bit more testing.