Defiant MPS

Custom made set of Monkey Climbers utilising a 12" wide Leopard II Cross Shaft as an Arial Bar

My own personal Alarms

Custom Solid Titanium Buzz Bar Shafts

Pair of Solid Titanium 2 Rod Buzz Bars, with built in 360 degree rotation for River fishing

Heavy duty Brolly Spike Mounting

Solid Titanium Rig Spike "Thing"

Captive Back Lead Heads

Bivvy Pole Up-Grades/Repairs.





Custom made fully Titanium HD 3 Rod Snag Bar/Chassis set up made for one of the Nutrabaits guys. 

Fitted with replica up-to-date Titanium versions of the original Trident Tie Bars







Pair of  Custom 2 Rod Cross Shafts






Up-Graded Bivvy Parts





Trident Tie-Bars