Defiant MPS

My own personal Alarms

Custom Solid Titanium Buzz Bar Shafts

Pair of Solid Titanium 2 Rod Buzz Bars, with built in 360 degree rotation for River fishing

Heavy duty Brolly Spike Mounting

Solid Titanium Rig Spike "Thing"

Captive Back Lead Heads

Miniaturized Mag Heads 

Bivvy Pole Up-Grades/Repairs.





Custom made fully Titanium HD 3 Rod Snag Bar/Chassis set up made for one of the Nutrabaits guys. 

Fitted with replica up-to-date Titanium versions of the original Trident Tie Bars.







Pair of  Custom 2 Rod Cross Shafts






Up-Graded Bivvy Parts





Trident Tie-Bars