Defiant MPS

This section is for Proto-Types, making use of materials not used anymore, old designs and one-off’s that might be of use to someone, some real bargains will appear from time to time –  on a strictly first come first serve basis.

2 x 81/2" &  2 x 101/2" Adjustable HD Carbon Bank Sticks


Just £60.00 + Postage for 4 off HD Carbon Bank Sticks, Stainless fittings & Titanium T/Screws fitted. To give some scale – the Inner shafts are the same diameter as most standard Carbon Bank Sticks outers shafts are.

~ These must have been sat on a shelf for over two years!

9" HD Titanium/Stainless Bank Sticks

A good use of 16mm Titanium off-cuts from making Trident Panthers/Tiger Centre Shafts, these HD Bank Sticks are made from a mix of Titanium & Stainless, 9” long extending to 12” , very limited numbers  are available (Until a load of off-cuts build up again that is)


At just £17.50 each, plus postage

These are a “Gift” considering what they are made from