Defiant MPS

The Black Panther

Built to exactly the same specifications as the Trident Panther but made from very heavy-duty Carbon Fibre shafts instead of Titanium. Fitted with 3 x 81/2" & 3 x 11" Carbon Bank Sticks as standard 

The Chassis extends to 43" long and has a closed length of 26", and can be made in many widths from 10" to 16", the standard Centre Shaft extends to 43" long 

Most Customers split Tridents into three separate parts - 2 x Built Up Cross Shafts and the Centre Shaft, then store the Cross Shafts complete inside their Bed chairs and the Centre Shaft in their Rod Holdall, by doing this makes setting up a simple quick operation.

Complete Black Panther 

Price 250.00 + Postage

2 Rod Black Panther 

2 Rod version of the Black Panther, made at request in many versions/Sizes

Complete 2 Rod Black Panther 

Price 200.00 + Postage

Carbon  Fantail 

Thanks to the use of thick-walled Carbon Fibre the assembly is just as ridged as the C Type Fantail on which it is based upon -
 with 21" Tie-Bars, width options of either 13" 14" 15"or 16" wide Cross Shafts, fitted with 81/2" & 11" Carbon Bank Sticks as standard, the example shown is a full Grub Screw locking version, but could also have Thumb Screws locking or even a mix of both. 

 The massive footprint combined with six points of contact with the ground make the whole set up incredibly stable for such a lightweight assembly

Carbon C Type Fantail = 250.00 + Postage