Defiant MPS

Ever since I started I have had a love-hate relationship with Carbon Fibre, well until I came across this high quality Carbon by pure chance - from a company who normally make Carbon Shafts for Kayak Paddles, of which I was making for my own Kayak.  Having a excellent strength to weight ratio, thick walled to be able to take a bit of punishment, and the Carbon's natural pattern retained in the surface for grip. So I purchased some of the lower diameter Carbon out of  curiosity, and ended up combining with Titanium fittings to make a few items for my own personal use.
Everything has proved to be faultless in extensive use by myself, the combining of Carbon Fibre with high grade Titanium has proved to be a good decision. The problems of "Contraction & Expansion" with Stainless Steel fittings has vanished.

 I'll explain: Metal fittings expand in the heat of summer and then contract in the freezing cold of winter, in time it can make things suddenly start to fall to bits for no apparent reason. When I used to make Carbon Bank Sticks many years ago I went to extreme lengths to combat this problem, but I was still paranoid - no so now with using Titanium, it's allowed me to combat these problems with ease.

CBN Type Bank Sticks

CBN's are identical to TBN's but instead of having Titanium inner & outer shafts, the outers are made from very thick walled high quality Carbon Fibre, with solid Carbon Fibre inner shafts. These Bank Sticks look so good it's a shame to ram them into the ground!  All the old problems related to Carbon Bank sticks have been eliminated in the CBN's mainly due to the use of solid titanium fittings and points. If handled with a bit of respect these Carbon Bank sticks will easily give many years of faultless service. 

81/2"long adjustable to 12 1/2" long    weight  = 73 grams 

11" long adjustable to 17 1/2" long      weight = 84 grams

Option of  Spring Loaded Thumb Screw  OR  flush fitting Grub Screw locking

81/2" CBN  = 22.50 each + Postage

11" CBN = 25.00 each + Postage

Carbon C Type Fantail 

Something that many have asked over the past few months "Would it be possible to make a Carbon Shafted Fantail?" Well here is a Carbon Fantail 


Thanks to the use of thick walled HD Carbon Fibre the assembly is just as ridged as a Titanium C Type Fantail on which it is based upon -
 with 21" Tie-Bars, width options of  either 14" or 16" wide Cross Shafts, fitted with 81/2" & 11" CBN Type Bank Sticks as standard, the example shown has full Grub Screw locking but could also have Thumb Screws locking or even a mix of both.

They are a bit more expensive than the Titanium C Types due to all the extra time involved, but still at a cost in the realms of  normality.

The whole lot weighs in at  just 1,485 grams, when considering the sheer size and the amount of product, that's rather impressive. 

Carbon C Type Fantail = 250.00  + Postage

Extendable Landing Net Handle





Originally made as an extendable Fly Fishing Net Handle for my own Fluff Chucking exploits, but once seen by Carp, Pike and Boat Anglers "I want one" is all I've heard!

With a closed length of 31" extendable to 56" Fittings are made from 100% solid Titanium, plus fitted with an 316 Stainless Eyelet directly into the end Cap -to allow a clip or lanyard to be fitted.

weight = 267 grams

Extendable Landing Net Handle  = 50.00

+ Postage

6 ft Landing Net Handle

Bit hard to take a detailed photo of a 6 ft pole, but there's not much to it - a length of HD Carbon with solid Titanium fittings at each end 

6 ft long  3/4" diameter parallel shaft that weighs approx. 220grams, that seems to be UN-breakable (No matter how hard I tried during testing!)

6 ft Landing Net Handle  = 50.00

+ Postage