Defiant MPS

TBN Type Bank Sticks

These have been being made for many years now, in which time they have proved to be absolutely faultless. Made totally from Titanium for an infinite life span plus an very high strength to weight ratio.

 Made in three standard sizes, but can be made in other lengths at request (Shorter = cheaper  Longer = more expensive, that simple)

 81/2" long  adjustable to 12 1/2" long       weight = 109 grams approx.

11" long  adjustable to 17 1/2" long     weight = 129 grams approx.

14" long  adjustable to 24" long     weight = 154 grams approx.

There are also two build options available for no extra cost

 Solid Titanium Points OR "Proper" Stainless Steel Auger Points, to exactly the same design you will find on any mechanical ground boring machine. Both types of points are pressed, bonded, crimped and pinned in place - over-kill, but over 20 years of zero problems justifies being more meticulous with the build. 

Fitted with Flush fit Grub Screws or  Spring loaded Stainless Thumb Screws

81/2" TBN = 22.50 each + Postage

11" TBN = 25.00 each + Postage

14" TBN = 28.00 each + Postage

Solid Titanium Fixed length Bank Sticks

Made from solid Titanium in two basic lengths as standard (Can be made in other lengths at request) 

Can have Tommy Bar holes added FOC to allow tightening/undoing with ease.


5" Solid Titanium Bank Stick = 10.00 each + Postage

7" Solid Titanium Bank Stick = 12.00 each + Postage