Defiant MPS

TBN Bank Sticks

TBN’s were originally designed to fit into the Trident range, to provide a light weight but still strong Bank Stick. The top two fittings and outer shafts are Titanium as standard, with various build options provided in the two basic size ranges.



Now Eight Build Options at no extra charge

Zero- Twist Inners OR plain Round, option is yours

It became blatantly obvious while developing the "Traditionalist Range" that mounting Buzz bars on a single middle Bank Sticks without some form of Zero-Twist facility inside the Bank Sticks to prevent the Inner Twisting was a waste of time! Hence these Hex Inners were developed, providing a 100% efficient multi-positional locking for the Bank Stick inners - there was no reason why TBN's & Dreadnoughts could not also have the feature included into there design. The 316 Stainless Hex does add a few grams extra in weight compared to the solid round Titanium Inners, but the benefits make this totally irrelevant.

Thumb Screw Locking OR flush fitting Grub Screw Locking, option is yours

Both ways work perfectly, in fact with Grub Screw locking a little too good - you must take it easy with the Allan Key (Nip up very gently) as you can generate far more torque

 Torque Pin added to top fitting OR not, the option is yours

If using with Buzz Bars a Torque Pin is essential to allow you to tighten up that bit more to prevent Buzz Bars ever self-undoing in use

 Solid Titanium Points OR Stainless Steel Auger Points

If using TBN's as single sticks then the best option is Augers, may add a few grams in weight but the benefits are worth it, put it this way I personally have never struggled to get a Bank stick into the ground in over 20 years of making them if fitted with these Augers, you just need to use a bit of "Brain rather than Brawn" and let the screw thread of the Auger bury itself into the ground.

Price   Up to 81/2” Long = £22.50 each 

Up to 11” long = £25.00 each

MKII  Dreadnoughts

Dreadnoughts were specifically designed for use in hard ground, hence the name – as they do look like a huge Bolt once used to hold  extra Armour plating on the side of ships, made from a mix of Titanium and 316 Stainless Steel - no other metals would be tough enough to cope with what a Dreadnought can, Aluminium would just sheer clean off under such strains - Fact.

 And to be blunt "If you can't screw one of these into the deck, you need to go and get an Cordless SDS Drill as your not going to get anything in!" 

There's no reason why Dreadnoughts can't be made with Zero-Twist Inner shafts as TBN's can have fitted, also Torque Pins can be fitted also at request.

Rather than using sheer brute force to insert them into hard ground - by simply adding a 19mm Socket & Wrench onto the Hexagonal fitting, and applying a little downward force, you can literally “Screw” them into the ground with a little effort. 

The Photo below shows an extreme test – a MKI Dreadnought "Screwed" into a Stone/Tarmac Road (not a sensible thing to do) but it does show just how effective the Dreadnought's design is. 

Up to 9” Long = £20.00 each + Postage 

9” – 12” Long = £22.50 each + Postage

Solid Titanium Fixed Length Bank Sticks

Two basic examples of many versions made over the years, these 5" & 7" long Solid Titanium versions seem to be the most popular for use in Platform Mountings, or as short Legs for Pods etc...


 Made out of Solid Grade 5 Titanium


Weight:     5" = 64 grams          7" =  93 grams



5" version     Price = £10.00 each  + Postage



7" version    Price = £12.00 each  + Postage