Defiant MPS

Defiant Bank Stick Range

The range of  Defiant Bank Sticks has been increased for 2020, all are built using the best possible materials and incorporate the best assembly/build methods possible, which are not the fastest but are the best - which when a product is not being mass produced is not a problem.


These have been being made for many years now, in which time they have proved to be faultless. Made totally from grade 5 & 2 Titanium for a infinite life span with an very high weight to strength ratio.

 Made in two extendable 1/2" diameter standard sizes, but can be made in other sizes at request - shorter = cheaper, longer = more expensive.

 81/2" long  adjustable to 12 1/2" long       weight = 109 grams    # Weights with Solid Titanium Shafts

11" long  adjustable to 17 1/2" long     weight = 129 grams

There are also three build options available for no extra cost

 Solid Titanium Points OR 316 Stainless Steel Auger Points

Spring Loaded Thumb Screw OR flush fitting Grub Screw Locking 

Solid Titanium Inner Shafts OR, Solid Carbon Inner Shafts 

81/2" TBN = 22.50 each + Postage

11" TBN = 25.00 each + Postage


CBN's are identical to TBN's but instead of having Titanium inner & outer shafts, the outers are made from very thick walled high quality Carbon Fibre, with solid Carbon Fibre inner shafts. These Bank Sticks look so good it's a shame to ram them into the ground!  All the old problems related to Carbon Bank sticks have been eliminated in the CBN's mainly due to the use of solid titanium fittings and points. If handled with a bit of respect these Carbon Bank sticks will easily give many years of faultless service. 

81/2"long adjustable to 12 1/2" long    weight  = 73 grams 

11" long adjustable to 17 1/2" long      weight = 84 grams

Made in identical build specifications and size ranges as the TBN's, but with being Carbon Fibre only the build option of  Spring Loaded Thumb Screw  OR  flush fitting Grub Screw locking is viable

81/2" CBN  = 22.50 each + Postage

11" CBN = 25.00 each + Postage


These are a bit of a beast of a Bank Stick, named "Dreadnoughts" due to the industrial looking huge Bolt like construction, designed to allow a 19mm Socket and Wrench to be fitted in order to "Screw" the Bank Stick into the ground rather then using brute force. Made in identical sizes as TBN's & CBN's in 1/2" diameter as standard, with Titanium outer and now also solid Titanium inner shafts, with 316 Stainless Steel fittings and torque pins                     Other sizes made at request- shorter = cheaper, longer = more expensive.

81/2" long adjustable to 11" long   weight =  grams

11" long adjustable to 16" long  weight = grams

Available with two build options at no extra cost - Spring Loaded Thumb Screw OR flush fitting Grub Screw locking 
There is no reason why the option of Solid Titanium OR Solid Carbon Fibre inner shafts could be fitted.

 MKI Dreadnought shown "Screwed" into a concrete road by hand, not a sensible thing to do but it does show what Dreadnoughts are capable of 

81/2" Dreadnought = 22.50 each + Postage

11" Dreadnought = 25.00 each + Postage

Solid Titanium Fixed length Bank Sticks

Made from solid grade 5 Titanium in two basic lengths in 1/2" diameter, but as with all the Defiant Bank Stick Range, shorter = cheaper, longer = more expensive


5" Solid Ti Bank Stick = 10.00 each + Postage

7" Solid Ti Bank Stick = 12.00 each + Postage