Defiant MPS





Digging Stick

Based on the original Digging stick, this up-to-date 121/2” long version is made from Titanium & Stainless Steel. Fitted with a “Proper” hardened Stainless  Auger, if you can’t screw one of these into the ground forget trying  to fit Bank Sticks – if this won’t go in nothing is by hand.

For ease of transportation the 6” Stainless Steel “Tommy Bar” can be removed via undoing the Hex Thumb Screw. To store the Tommy bar and prevent getting lost, just remove the Thumb Screw fully and drop into the inside of the centre of the Titanium main shaft, to remove just tip upside down with the Thumb Screw removed, that simple.


Shown- “Screwed” into an old Tarmac road by hand, using nothing other than a bit of light downwards pressure while turning in a clock wise direction at the same time.

Digging Stick   £16.00 each + Postage




Marker/Distance Poles

These have been designed to be used as Bank side Markers or as distance Sticks. 20” long in two versions-   Titanium with Stainless Augers or Carbon with Solid Titanium Points.  The large white Head sections have been designed to not only be highly visible, but also to provide a handle to help fitting the Sticks into the ground, the is even an Isotope Chamber in the top accessible via removing the Stainless Grub Screw (15x3mm Isotope Size)

I originally designed these for my own use, to combat the problem of close range fishing to a far bank, when all you see at night is a huge black wall of foliage with being at close range; I used to use Beer tins with reflective Tape around them as markers for years – but these are a little bit more refined, and made to last. 

Providing a highly visible marker night or day, shown in what is normally a 30ft high, black featureless wall of Bushes and Tree's at night.

Titanium or Carbon version Price  = £15.00  each    + Postage

Solid Carbon Rod Stays

New for 2017, this latest version has removable Solid Carbon Posts of a one piece design, very strong, also very light weight - even when fitted with the tallest 5” Posts, the whole Rod Stay only weighs in at a mere70 grams.

Fitted with 4” or 5” tall Posts as standard to allow fitment to all known popular Alarms, the Posts are removable via the use of an Allen Key in the base, Posts are also now available separate (So if you change your Alarms and need shorter or longer Posts, you only need to buy 2x Posts in the length you require)

The 4mm thick Laser cut Stainless Steel Base Plates are fitted with MPS Quick Release fittings as Standard. If used with the addition of 2BA Stem Adaptors, you can up-grade Indicator systems that still use a primitive screw thread attachment, to the 360 degree self aligning, instant release/fitment that has been incorporated in MPS Indicators for over 14 years.


Showing ther one-piece Solid carbon Post removed.

2BA Stem Adaptor fitted into the Q/R Fitting.

Price per Complete Rod Stay fitted with 4” or 5” Solid Carbon Posts = £16.00 + Postage

Price per of Pair of Solid Carbon Posts 4” or 5” Long = £6.00 + Postage

Price per 2BA Stem Adaptor = £1.50 each + Postage

Weigh Bar 

Not much you can say about a Weight Bar, except this one is 12” wide, with a main shaft made from HD Carbon Fibre with Solid Titanium End fittings, plus A4 Stainless Steel middle fittings & Carbineer.

Made from the best materials possible, it’s incredibly strong, but still weighs in at just 110 grams



£20.00 Each + Postage






  Buzzer Q/R Fittings



Now available in two versions Solid Titanium or Solid Stainless Steel, with the option of flush fit Grub Screw locking or locking via Solid Titanium Thumb Screw at no extra cost.

Very simple to use/fit, with the solid Stainless Steel inner stem being fully cylindrical allows 360 degree instant positioning – no alignment is required.




 Solid Titanium versions Barrel fitted to an Alarm + Indictor Bracket (Grub Screw Locking)




Solid Titanium Version:  Price £10.50 each + Postage


Solid Stainless Version: Price £7.50 each + Postage

Extra Inner Stems: Price £2.50 each + Postage











Being used in Stabilizer mode


At last a compact Multi- Purpose mounting Kit, that can be used as a Stabilizer, Platform Mounting or even a Pod Anchor at will. Made completely from Solid Stainless Steel except the pair of Thumb Screws, which are made of Solid Titanium as you would expect from MPS. So there's nothing to corrode, or coatings to get scratched. Due to the unique design, the whole four part kit weighs just 260 grams

The 4” Solid S/less Spike for the Stabilizer, is the “Proper Job” being 10mm in diameter its  impossible to bend or break.

The stability achieved when used as a Platform mounting for Bank Sticks, even shocked me- shown mounted on a Railway Sleeper in the Photo, which I then picked up off the deck using just the Bank Stick/Mounting as the handle, and the Mounting did not even flinch!

Designed to fit TBN Type Bank Sticks, but will also fit any other 1/2” diameter Bank Sticks also.


~Spare Stainless Screws are also available for the Pillar Mounting



Platform Mounting Mode with a Solid Titanium 5" Bank Stick fitted.




Shown with an 81/2" TBN Type Bank Stick fitted.




The full four part kit




Price £17.50 Per Kit + Postage





Mountings Bushes




 Mounting Bushes are a very simple little device to prevent Trident Fantails, Panthers, Tigers or Hobbit Systems from moving about when used on Wooden Platforms. Ideally used in pairs, you just slide over the Point or Auger of the outer pair of TBN's, then position your set up as required. Hold the Mounting in position, remove the TBN, then  fit a small Wood screw through the centre with a Screw Driver. Re-fit the TBN into the Mounting, and that's it.

Sold in pairs, either in Black or White, with Screws provided. Weighing a mere 14 grams each, small enough to even be store in your tackle box.







Price £5.00 Per Pair     plus Postage







Titanium Over-Fits


Shown fitted to an 81/2" TBN Type Bank Stick


Based on the Original Stainless Over-Fits made by MPS many years ago. These modern up-to-date Titanium Shafted versions are designed to be fitted to TBN Type Bank Sticks, but can be fitted to any 1/2" diameter Bank Sticks instantly, to add 10" to the length.  Quite often Over-fits are used to "Jack-Up"  the front of Trident Fantails, Panthers etc....  for when the Rod Tips need to be set high.



Price  £15.00 each  +  Postage









These are the most powerful Isotopes allowed for civilian use. I only stock 15x3mm White Isotopes, the reason being – to save you money.

 White Isotopes will light up any colour Mag Head or Bobbin in the huge range, Only obvious exceptions are solid Black Mag Heads and Basic Bobbins.

*Buying Coloured Isotopes to match your Heads means if you decide to change your Alarms/Indicators colours, you then also have to go and buy new Isotopes as well, with White Isotopes you don't need to this.



  £8.00 each + Postage







Indicator Stem Adaptors



These allow any Indicator with a standard 2BA British Thread to be fitted to MPS Quick Release Indicator Fittings



 £4.50 for a set of 3 + Postage







Stainless Steel Bank Stick Stabiliser




Made to fit Standard 1/2" diameter Bank Sticks (TBN's & SBN's) designed to stop "Twist" when mounting Buzz Bars on Single Bank Sticks.



£8.50 Each + Postage






Hair Gauges







I have been using one of these simple little Gauges for over 7 years now, and would be lost without it! The “steps” are in 2mm increments (10,12,14.16,18 & 20mm) you just pick the size of Step to match the Boilie you intend to use on that Rig.

You just thread the Loop of the hair through the hole in the “Step” size you want to match the Boilie diameter, and make your Rig as normal, without having to mess about putting a Boilie on.

For bigger Baits you simply "double the Hair"- by placing the Hair Loop onto the Hook Shank, and then placing the baiting Needle in the loop you have made through the Gauge   eg, 20mm step then provides a 40mm long hair!

Knowing that every time you make a Rig, the hair length will be identical to what you require every time.




 £3.50 each + Postage