Defiant MPS

Multi-Role Stabilizer

A simple kit designed to preform numerous functions: can be used as a basic Stabilizer with the 4" Solid Titanium Spike fitted or the extra-long 7" Spike. When the ground is very soft, sandy or silty this extra-long spike really come in handy, especially when fitted to a Storm Pole when River fishing - any River Angler will tell you there's nothing more annoying than when you pick one of the Rods up and the weight of the other Rod causes the Buzz Bar/Storm Pole to spin around, problem solved with one of these fitted

It's also been designed as an "Anchor" for all off the Trident Range, buy adding a Multi-Role Stabilizer to the back middle Bank Stick and the whole set up is locked to the ground and going nowhere. But it can also do the same on Wooden Platform by fitting nothing more complicated than a Titanium Tube + Wood Screw instead of one of the Spike options

Shown with the 4" Solid Titanium Spike fitted

Shown with a Titanium Bank Stick locked to a wood plank 

Price Multi-Role Stabilizer Kit 17.50 each + Postage

Weigh Bar

There was no skimping on the materials used when I designed these - 3/4" Thick-walled Carbon Fibre main shaft, polished Stainless Steel end caps, then finished off with Gunmetal Stainless Steel central fittings, made 12" wide for ease of use

Gunmetal Stainless fittings

Price   21.50 each + Postage

Digging Stick

Shown screwed into an old solid Tarmac Road, using nothing more than a bit of gentle downward force while spinning clockwise at the same time, letting the hardened A4 Stainless Auger do all the work.
All your doing it making a pilot hole for your Bank Stick to slot into, with the Auger being a slightly lower diameter this automatically makes the hole tapered, allowing any diameter Bank Stick to be inserted and not wobble.

I started making digging sticks way back in the late 90's when Frank Warwick asked if I could design something to help him insert Bank Sticks into rock hard ground. 

There's been numerous versions over the years with the early ones having the Tommy Bar fixed in position, which to be honest was a bit of a pain, as it's a rather awkward shape to store.

The latest 12 1/2" long version has the built-in ability to store the Tommy bar inside the main 1/2" diameter Titanium Shaft.  

Tommy Bar is stored inside the main shaft

Price 16.50 each + Postage

A "Special" that has been made numerous time - a Digging Stick that's been converted to be a "Bait boat Lifting Tool", by the fitment of a 3/8"BSF fitting instead of the normal Auger

Buzzer Quick Release Fittings

Once fitted the alignment, removal and fitment of Alarms/Indicator Brackets becomes a simple stress-free operation. Simple to fit - the Barrel fitting with the Indicators Bracket above it aligns the Bracket and locks it in place on the base of the Alarm, the solid Brass Inner Stem fits and locks into the Bank Stick or Buzz Bar you're using.  

Made from Solid Stainless Steel with a Brass Inner stem, with the added option of Thumb Screw or Grub Screw locking at no extra cost

 Complete Buzzer Q/R Fitting 7.50 each + Postage

Spare Brass Inner Stems 2.50 each + Postage


Distance/Marker Poles

Based on the original versions but 191/4" long and made from Solid Titanium now, with the middle section finished with a deep precision knurl to stop the line slipping. Plus the options of Black or White main mountings, with easy to remove Isotope Capsules in many colour options, which can be fitted with standard 15x3mm Isotopes if one wishes. But if fitted with one of the Fluro Capsules there's not really any need as they "glow" when light is shone onto them anyway

Knurled mid section

Black or White main fitting options

Easily removable Isotope Capsules

Full range of  Isotope Barrels options to choose from 

Top Row: Ruby Red, Fluro Pink, Blue, Emerald Green & Purple

Bottom Row: Black: Fluro Orange, White, Fluro Green, Amber and  Fluro Yellow 

Price Per Pair  30.00    + Postage

Rod Stays


Made in two versions for 2022 - with option of Solid Titanium or Solid Carbon Fibre 4" or 5" long Up-Rights, can also be made with various Indicator attachment options

To remove the Posts - both versions unscrew from underneath via Thumb Screw in the Titanium version and via Cap Head Allen Screw in the Solid Titanium version

Price 16.50 each + Postage





Indicator Stem Adaptors



These allow any Indicator with a standard 2BA British Thread to be fitted to MPS Quick Release Indicator Fittings



 4.50 for a set of 3 + Postage

Indicator Thread Adaptors/Spacers

I have lost count how many versions of these I have been asked to make over the years, in many thread types - 2BA, M4, M5, M6 etc... The examples shown are Defiant Quick Release > 2BA, M5 Male >2BA Female and below 2BA Male > M6 Male, all made out of Stainless Steel

Cost per set of 3 = 7.50 - 10.00 per set + Postage