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The creation of MPS was never planned, it literally just happened. It was way back in the mid 90's when I personally got so fed up with the gear I was using falling to bits, snapping, corroding, oxidizing and the so called "protective coating" just wearing off or even flaking off.  Just about everything available was being made of very poor quality cheap & easy to work with materials like Aluminium (It seems nothing has changed to the present day - except now you have mass media pedalling cheap made products for embarrassingly extortionate prices, but the truth be told - if the punters are stupid enough to fall for it, who can blame them)   

Back then I ended up going to the local Scrap Metal Merchants "Frank Barnes", and bought a few bits of Stainless Steel tube which would slid inside each other, a few days later I had made myself some usable Bank Sticks (Just usable!) Things then just progressed themselves as numerous other local anglers saw what I was using, then asked if I would make some for them as well, the rest is just history as they say. 

Everything is hand built here in Lancashire, nothing is mass produced but made on an almost weekly basis - EXCEPT the Trident Range as in Panther's, Fantails and Tigers the demand is just to great. Which can only be expected as they are made from the very best materials available (Titanium, HD Carbon and Stainless Steel) 

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~ Please Note- do not ask to make copies of others designs, Defiant MPS is a reputable Company unlike the vast majority of the tackle trade



Mob No. 07976 551 742 

~All e-mails are normally answered within 24hrs, if  you don't get a reply- best to give me a call.


       Keith Fielding

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