Defiant MPS Indicators






The whole Indicator range uses exactly the same British 2BA Threaded Stud for the Mag Head fitment, and the same identical Collet Type “Push Fit” Fitting for the  Indicator fitment, that’s incorporated into the Stainless Bracket, allowing 360 degree rotation for instant self alignment of the Indicator.


Universal Bob-Weights: Will fit the full range of MPS Flexible Arm Type Indicators. The Warlock Range of Rigid Arm Type Indicators use special  Disc type add-on weights.


Isotopes: The whole range of Mag Heads fitted, can be fitted with 15x3mm Isotopes as standard (Available in the Accessory section)





As with all metal moving parts used in an out-door application, exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, it’s wise to Oil Mag Head Line Clips and Indicator's Ball Joints to ensure many years of faultless service. Only a Drop of Engine or All-In-One Oil is required a couple of times a year.


Quick Release Fittings: as with all things used outdoors- will need a clean every so often. If you don’t hear a “Click” when fitting the Indicator’s Stem fitting, give the inside of the Barrel fittings a good blast of WD40 or similar, to remove any accumulated dirt.

Flexible Arm Style Indicator Range

 Banshee, HG Banshee, Scorpion, Harrier & Hawk Hangers

Banshee Hanger

6" version shown with a Yellow 32mm x 1/2" Mag Head fitted


Banshee’s are a kind of cross between a Hanger and a Tension style indicator (Be it a very slight tension) Fitted with 6" or 9" long Chords, made from 1.6mm thick woven Austenitic 316 Stainless, which has a breaking strain of over 80kg.  


MPS Quick Release fitting allows 360 degree rotation at the Bracket end for easy line alignment with the Mag Heads Slot.


Best used in conjunction with a  Line Clip fitted to the Rod, as you can then set the chord into a nice “U” shape, when set this way the Stainless Chord becomes semi-rigid – and practically 100% Windproof.






Complete Unit - Price £16.50 each + Postage




Banshee Chords: are also available separately in 6" & 9" lengths. Fitted with a MPS Stainless Quick Release fitting at one end, 2BA Stud at the other (At request 2BA Studs at each end) 6" or 9" Chords



Price £6.00 each + Postage

HG Banshee Hanger 



Shown with a "Custom" Solid Blue  HS Mag Head



The HG Banshee was designed for Long Range and Snag fishing, when zero slack line can be a major advantage. The 6” long thick woven Austenitic 316 Stainless Steel Chord is very powerful indeed. Heavy (4-5 oz) Leads, plus a line clip fitted to the Rod is a must, to reap the benefits of HG Banshee's. These are seriously powerful Indicators, in fact they are as powerful as it's possible to make an Indicator - as it's impossible to make a  Head line Clip to cope with any extra tension without damaging the line.

Fitted with  32x20mm HS Mag Head as standard, in order to cope with the tension.



Complete Unit - £16.50 each + Postage




HG Banshee Chord only - £6.00 each + Postage

The Scorpion Hanger

Shown with a 32x20mm HS Mag Head fitted, but can be fitted with any version in the Mag Head range.


 The Scorpion was very first Indicator MPS ever made, now over 16 years on and it’s still probably one of the best all-round Indicators I have ever made/used.

Why, well what other Indicator can-


Be set like a Hanger, but still be able to Slack-line when fitted with a MKII Mag Head.


Can be set like a Hanger, but with the added advantage of being Wind-proof (The major flaw with Chain and Chord type Hangers, being prone to swing about in the wind in a totally uncontrolled manner, making it impossible to differentiate between “Real” fish activity and false)


By simply adding the Internal Spring Steel Rod, and you now have a Tension Style Indicator for Distance & Snag Fishing.


Go make yourself a range of Inner Rods out of Spring Steel, Piano Wire, Welding Rods, Quiver Tip Blanks, Carbon Rods etc........ and you now have a Indicator that's adaptable for any situation you can dream of.


The Armoured Stainless Steel Flexible Arm makes it almost impossible to snap Tension Rods when inserted (A well known problem with Tension style Indicators that just use fragile unprotected Carbon Rods)


# I personally know people who are still using Scorpion Indicators that they purchased off me in the year 2002, that’s over 16 years of constant use and still not showing any signs of wear.



Internal Chamber with Spring Steel Tension Rod inserted.

Complete Unit - Price £16.50 each + Postage





Scorpion Armoured Stainless Steel Chords are also available separately, including Spring Steel Tension Rods.



Price £6.00 each + Postage

Harrier Hanger

Shown with a 32mm x 1/2" "Iron Brew" MKI Mag Head fitted

At last the long awaited Harrier Hanger, the replacement for the popular original Sterling Silver Hawk Hanger, which was reluctantly discontinued only due to the cost of the Sterling Silver Chain used going through the roof!

This precision made Stainless Steel, Seamless Chain used in the Harrier Hanger, is light weight, incredibly supple, but also very strong indeed. With a unique Honeycomb profile that allows wind to pass through it, thus reducing sideways movement in strong winds.

The 6” long Chain is the most supple I have ever seen – as the Photo shows, making the Harrier Hanger a very sensitive Indicator indeed.

Complete Unit - Price = £18.50 + Postage

6" Chain only = £8.50 + Postage

Hawk Hanger

2" Chain version shown fitted with Red "Tall Boy"


Hawk Hangers are a Chain type Hanger, but made using Stainless Chain made with Seamless/Welded links over 5mm wide - these will never open up, snap or go rusty.


Made with 2", 4", 6" or 8” long Chains at request.




Complete Unit - Price £16.50 each + Postage



Hawk Chains: are also available separately in 2", 4", 6" & 8" lengths. Fitted with a MPS Stainless Quick Release fitting at one end, 2BA Stud at the other, or at request 2BA Studs at both ends.



Price £6.00 each + Postage


Universal Fit Bob-Weights

These Slide on Bob weights are now in two sizes 24 gram & 10 gram in solid Stainless Steel, designed to be a universal fit onto all Flexible Arm type MPS Indicators and Twitchers.


24 gram & 10 gram weight versions


Price £1.75 each + Postage

The Warlock  Range of  Indicators and the "Twitcher"

4" Short Arm Warlock with a 32x15mm HS Mag Head fitted

This brand new range Warlocks has taken many years of testing & messing around to develop, to provide a range to suit anyone’s requirements. All four versions were designed from scratch to utilise the new unique way of adding-subtracting weight.

~ Fully self aligning, via the 360degree Quick Release Stem fitting (Normally a real pain with Long Arm Indicators)

~ All have twin precision made Pivoting Joints, allowing for a smooth precise movement in either direction, with zero "Wobble" to cause problems in the wind.

~None have Sliding weights, adding weight is via fitment of 2 gram Shims directly were they have the most effect – in exactly the same axis as the Mag Heads pivot point. Only slight amounts of added weight are required to have a desired effect.

~ Can be fitted with any of the Mag Head range, but personally I would not fit “Tall Boys” (To Tall)  or 32x20mm HS mag Heads (Just a bit over-kill)

~ A full set of seven, 2gram Shim Weights are “Given” (FOC) with any Complete Warlock or just Arm alone purchased, that’s with any of the four versions.

~ In the three straight Arm versions, you have the option of Solid Titanium or Solid Carbon Shafts fitted at no extra cost

Three straight Arm versions are made as standard in sizes

 4" Short       7" Medium       11" Long

(Distance between pivot points)

With the option of Solid Titanium or Solid Carbon Shafts

"Rotary" Arm version with solid Titanium shaped Shaft, fitted with 32x15mm HS Mag Head

The “Rotary” version is a bit special, it’s taken the concept of the original Rotary’s design and enhanced it. The Shaped Solid Titanium Shaft is designed to force the line to make more contact with the Alarms Roller or Sensor.

All modern Bite Alarms rely on one thing to work- the  transfer of the movement of the line via “Friction” be it to move a revolving Roller, or to rub against a Sensor.

All’s fine when dry and you have maximum possible transfer of movement via the friction between the Line and the Roller/Sensor.  But add rain, frost or ice into the equation and that’s when the old “Sat behind your Rods, one Rod suddenly hoops around, Indicator whacks against the Rod, Clutch starts screaming- and not a single Bleep out of the alarm!”

The Rotary’s unique design was developed after masses of experimentation to force the line into the Alarm’s Roller/Sensor, to maximise as much transfer of movement via friction as possible in all weather conditions.

Examples: 14grams (x7 fitted) and  6grams (x3 fitted) 

Unique Shim Type Weight system

 Providing precise adjustment in 2 gram increments

Complete Warlock Indicator

all four versions = £20.00 each + Postage




Warlock Arm only

all four versions = £12.00 each + Postage

The "Twitcher"

The “Twitcher” is nothing like any other indicator, as it’s designed to have a pre -set limited arc of movement, with really only two ways to set it-

Horizontal for most normal fishing situations, or allowed to drop and settle to its lowest point to “Slackline”

Fitted with a 32x15mm HS Mag Head as standard, they can be fitted with the Universal Bob Weights for when a bit extra weight is needed.

Set for "Slacklining"

Complete Unit = £16.50 each + Postage

Twitcher Arm Only = £6.00 each + Postage